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German Classes

Germany is a dream destination for mechanical and automobile engineers. Also Germany spends a lot in research projects which attracts many young students into fellowship programs. Medicos too are looking towards Germany for MS programs due to 100% free scholarship schemes for meritorious students. German is the most widely spoken and official or co-official language in Germany. So it is mandatory for one to learn German language to move into Germany for academic, career or permanent resident purpose. Most of colleges in Germany use German as teaching medium. Even though many colleges and companies teach German to non-German students and employees it is advisable to learn German before entering Germany.

    Learn German with Prestige Language Institute!

    German classes in Pondicherry got a boost after our entry in this domain. German is a classic language to learn. Many often misunderstand it as a difficult language by comparing with other language which is a wrong practice. Every language has its own characteristic vocabulary and pronunciation. An experienced and intellectual German trainer makes a student to learn German easily without any hurdle. Our trainers are good at this. Trainers of Prestige Institute teaches you nuances of German patiently till you grasp the very fundamentals of German language. They train you in German by giving more and more assignments and tasks to do at class and home. This makes you perfect German student.

    We teach first two levels of German say A1 and A2. We follow Netzwerk books for these levels that enable you to prepare yourself for Zertifikat A1 test being conducted by Goethe Institut. So far we have trained more than 100 students who scored 70% and above.

    Please join us to Learn German!!!