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IELTS Training

IELTS is an English proficiency test conducted by British council and IDP to evaluate the English language skills of candidates. It is a mandatory pre requisite of many foreign universities as well as companies who hire non-native speakers of English as employees. IELTS is abbreviated as International English Language Testing System is the world’s most proven efficient English Language test that evaluates an individual’s proficiency in the English language based on the four skills of the language say reading, writing, listening and speaking.

IELTS @ Prestige Language Institute

We have an excellent track record of training more than 500 candidates for

IELTS in Pondicherry out of which maximum scored 7+ bands. We are recognized as the best IELTS classes in Pondicherry by overwhelming IELTS aspirants.  At our Prestige Language Institute, we first ascertain level of English of each aspirant in all four modules in preliminary interaction before we cater IELTS training. Some candidates may require basic English fundamentals before taking up IELTS test. Whatsoever the outcome of preliminary evaluation of candidates will be conveyed and training starts accordingly.

We have regular as well as crash programs as per requirement of candidates. Our IELTS coaching in Pondicherry has morning and evening batches to accommodate candidates as per their convenience. We conduct week end crash courses for those who come from a far distance or get time only at weekends only. Our trainers are certified, educated, qualified, flexible, friendly and dedicated.

We conduct at least two mock tests per program to evaluate the student’s actual position prior to IELTS test. Also we take classes on any one or more modules as per candidate’s requirement. We do conduct only mock test for those who prepare IELTS in their own and wish to evaluate themselves.

Upon following our vigorous IELTS training you would be able to get 7+ band which takes you near your abroad dream. Many of our candidates scored 7 and above and well settled in Canada, Singapore, US, UK and Australia.

Our timings are flexible, fees are affordable and method of teaching is simple and easy to understand.

Please join our IELTS training to score 7+ band !!!