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Various ways to learn French

Learning a new language can be overwhelming as there are many new rules you must follow and learn. The following tips help you to learn French easy and effective.

  • Listen to audios in French this might help you to get acquainted to different accents and pronunciations because French words may be similar in spelling to English words but they are completely unique in their pronunciation. Choose your French audio book wisely because the audio should be slow and clear so that you will be able to understand it more clearly.
  • Understand your way of learning because only you can know how you can learn better some people might find it more easy if they write it down and learn or some might feel listening might make the work easy.
  • Get support from teachers or people who know the language better, as few people might find it difficult to learn on their own, having someone to guide you and correct your mistakes can help you to learn better.
  • Use a translator always translate your French words to English as translating can make you understand the words more efficiently and to memorize it more faster and by heart.
  • If you find translating words difficult use images and situations to keeps the words in mind, by this method you can never forget the words you’ve learned in the scenario.
  • While learning new words you should be careful of French cognates these words might be similar in spelling but they are very different in their pronunciation. So you should pay attention while learning new vocabulary and learn the correct pronunciation of the words.
  • Instead of learning French words learn sentences in French and try to use the sentences while your speaking this can help you to remember the sentences. Also do not try to memorize a whole paragraph as this might confuse you and make you mix the words while your speaking.


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