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Differences between German & English - Part 2

Cognates usage 

Words with similar sounds but differing definitions are said to be cognates. German does have many words that are very similar to English words, thus this is crucial. Usually, but not always, you can use that to determine a word’s meaning fast.

Wantan is among the best examples. People frequently mistakenly believe that “Ich will…”, when conjugated, means “I will. Wollen is the German word for “desire,” so “Ich will…” actually means “I want…” Remember this and check the definitions of words as you learn them rather than assuming you know what they mean because they sound similar to English words.


There is one unique advantage to studying German over many other languages, even as you struggle through the grammar. German rarely deviates from the established norms. Once you understand the rules, you won’t have to worry about exceptions whether writing or speaking.

The fact that there are so many exceptions to the norms in English makes it one of the most difficult languages to master. However, as an English speaker studying German, you can rapidly start to feel more at ease because you won’t be scolded because you broke a bunch of the rules you were taught.

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