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Simplicity of German Language

If you speak English, learning and understanding the German language is simple. The Germanic origin has been passed down to both German and English. As a result, there exist tens of thousands of words known as “cognates” that are closely related. For instance, the German equivalent of the English word Apple is Apfel and the word welcome is Willkommen. Both German and English have a lot of words that are similar. Learning is therefore not tough; all that is needed for speedy learning are curiosity and focus.

Additionally, unlike Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, or Arabic, there is just a small number of letters to master. If you are familiar with Latin script, the umlauts (Vowels) ä, ö, and ü as well as ß, which is really just a fancier German s, are the only new additions. So, all you have to do to learn and comprehend the German language is use shrewd tactics to open up more options.

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