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Seven tips to learn French

The following are the seven tips that help you to learn French easy and effective

  • As a first step you should learn how to use correct pronunciation of the French language. Even French shares similar words from other languages it is a very unique language while considering the pronunciation. In order to get the right pronunciation you should practice self-study by listening to audios and watching French videos. Learning the pronunciation this way might be quite challenging as there will be no one to correct your mistakes in such cases you should you should first learn how to listen in the first place by classroom learning this way you will be able to correct your mistakes and also have someone to teach you the right way you can also hire a private tutor which is a much better option.
  • You have to memorize the genders in the French nouns in French language all the nouns have genders they are either Masculine or Feminine. Native speakers are well used to this from childhood but it could be quite challenging for beginners however there are general rules to make the work easy.
  • Develop what you know already many French words are similar in meaning and spelling of English words comparing those words and learning them will be more easier.
  • Find an easy way to learn French easily choose an organization that helps you to learn French easy and teaches you the right pronunciation. Memorize the general rules that follow in forming a proper sentence.
  • Have your own notebook for French vocabulary organize new words and understand French grammar like taking notes of the verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns, and articles.







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