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IELTS reading

IELTS reading is different for academic and general training. The Listening, Reading and Writing exams are completed on the same day, with no breaks in between them. The test timing will be 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The reading section consists of 40 questions these questions are made to test your different skills in English language like reading for main ideas, detailed reading , skimming, understanding of logical arguments and recognition of the  writers’ opinions and purpose.

The academic reading section consists of three passages with different task types like multiple choice questions, identifying the given information, identifying the writer’s views on the passage, matching the given  information, matching headings with correct answers, matching sentence with their endings, sentence, summary ,table ,flow chart and note completion and short answer questions.

Reading in general training consists of 40 questions and the questions are divided into three sections section one may contain two to four short passages or even more but it will be less complicated when compared to that of section three and section two consists of two passages and section three consists of one long passage. Also it includes various question types like in academic reading the question types are same in case of academic and general training the only difference being the source of the questions.

Each question carries one mark and in the end of the exam you will not be given time to transfer your answers like your being given in your listening exam you must transfer your answers in the given duration of time. Also you should pay attention while transferring the answers as answers that are correct yet wrong in their spelling and grammar are also considered wrong.

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