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IDP vs British council

Candidates usually have wrong assumption among themselves which may be created by unauthorized IELTS coaching institutes that out of the both IDP and British Council, one is tougher than the other and so always go for the recommended one by the institute however this is not the fact among the IELTS organization. One should always understand the structure of IELTS organization. IELTS organization has given authority to two authorized representatives to conduct IELTS examination and these authorized representatives will conduct the examination and will return the score card to the IELTS organization. This implies that the question booklet is framed by the IELTS organization and not by either of the representatives such as IDP and British Council. The question booklet will be received by them and the examination will be conducted.

At a given date, test conducted by IELTS IDP and British Council will have same set of questions provided to the candidates. IELTS examiners are even though selected by the IDP or British Council; they are well trained and assessed by the IELTS organization before they are allowed to assess the candidates. Following which examiners of both the representatives will have same skills and assessments criteria for conducting and assessing the exams.  Considering the exam fees, both the representatives will have same fee structure and the increase in fee also will be done equally by both. Test results of both representatives are valid for all the IELTS approved colleges throughout the world. Prestige institutes educate the candidate about this during the first day of the class to those who enroll here.

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