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TestDaF vs DSH

TestDaf vs DSH

Given the fundamental parallels and divergences between TestDAF and DSH, you might be asking which one is simpler. Because the portions of the TestDAF are predetermined, it follows a set examination pattern. On the other hand, depending on the university where you take the exam, DSH has different levels of difficulty. As opposed to the TestDAF, which has a uniform difficulty level across all centres, you can select to take your exam at an institution where the difficulty level is lower, increasing your chances of success.

In terms of the skills evaluated, DSH is simpler because it just evaluates oral and written abilities, but TestDAF additionally evaluates reading and listening comprehension. The latter is therefore simpler to qualify for when compared to TestDAF.

What to choose?

It can be challenging to decide between TestDAF and DSH because both are well-liked ways to demonstrate German language proficiency. If we compare them based on costs, DSH has a comparative advantage over TestDAF because it offers both high- and low-cost test versions.

On the other hand, DSH is recognized by the majority of universities, with the exception of a small number, while TestDAF is recognized by all German higher education institutions. The ideal option for you will therefore rely on the requirements of the university to which you are applying as well as your degree of language proficiency. Therefore, when choosing between TestDaf and DSH, you must take these two things into account.


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