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Tips to get a good score in IELTS reading and listening

The following tips help you to get a good score in IELTS reading and listening exams and also to improve you English language skills.

  • There are many types of questions in ILETS reading and you need to get familiar with all types only constant practice is the key to success in ILETS reading.
  • In case of reading do not try to read and understand the whole passage as this only wastes your time. Instead try to skim the passage and scan for the key words in the question.
  • Practice to read fast by reading novels and comics this will help to increase your speed and learn to skim the passage and understand the content of the passage.
  • Develop your vocabulary learn new words and their meanings and try to use them in your daily conversation this might help you to learn them by heart.
  • Try to find the answers by using the grammatical words in the sentence sometimes this could help you at times when you find it difficult to locate the answers or if you find more than one answer for the same question.
  • As I said practice is the key to success in IELTS reading practice helps you to get familiar with different and difficult words.
  • Considering IELTS listening the only way is to practice more because this will help you to get acquainted with the different accents and the different types of questions in the test.
  • And if you miss an answer while listening to the speaker try not to waste time on the same question move on or you will miss the answers for more questions looking for just one.
  • Even if you miss an answer don’t leave the space blank guess the answer write something in the paper who knows this can also be right sometimes.


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