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Basic requirements for IELTS Online Training

Every candidate who enrolls for online training has to first ensure whether they have the environment and the mandatory equipment needed for pursuing the online training smoothly without any interruption in the middle thereby completely cooperating with the tutors which will result in an effective study environment. Firstly they need a separate dedicated study room where they can be free of vehicles noise and other disturbances and they should keep their mobile phones in silent and it should not be near the microphone as interference can be observed at both the ends whenever the mobile picks up an incoming call. They must use table, chair or a study table for this and should avoid using beds or any other places where their concentration might get distracted from the online coaching.

Coming to the hardware part, they can either use a desktop computer or a laptop depending on their convenience. If they are using a desktop computer, they need to buy a webcam, microphone and a headphone as sometimes noise distortion happens. Even during the exams, individual headphones are given to each candidate and the volume of it could be controlled by them individually. Whereas if the student tends to use a laptop, they will be having a built in speaker, microphone and webcam, even then it is recommended to use a headphone for clear audio of the listening module especially. Further for the both computers, an internet with a normal speed is necessary as buffering should not happen and also to ensure fast transfer of documents.


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