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On day of IELTS test

Prestige Institute and the IELTS organization as well highly recommends list of strategies to follow on the IELTS test day to attend the exam in a relaxed manner. Candidates must ensure that they arrive ahead to the exam center and confirm whether their number has been mentioned. If any candidate has disability, special arrangement will be made on request to the IELTS organization during the registration process. Candidates must make sure they bring the passport copy and original as well to the exam center where the copy of passport will be received by the IELTS team during the test. Biometric verification will be carried out before the candidates are permitted to the exam hall. A transparent bottle will be allowed with the candidate and stationeries will be provided by the IELTS exam team.

All the belongings of the candidate has to be kept outside the examination hall where the IELTS are conducted and will be no access to it during the exam and so candidates must make sure that they don’t carry any valuable and expensive items along with them as the IELTS organization does not take any responsibility for the missing belongings. If any assistance needed during the test, they can raise the hand where an examiner will be coming to the candidate`s place and will aid them. Photograph will be taken during the speaking test which will be conducted separately apart from the remaining tests. After the test, candidates will be provided with set of instructions to follow for providing feedback of the test and then they will be allowed to exit the exam hall.

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