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IELTS Validity

IELTS exam results are sent to the candidate after a two week time period from the day they attended the reading, listening, and writing test. On the other hand, for those who attended the computer based test for IELTS, they will receive the test within a five day time period. These results are usually valid for a two years time period which is again from the day they attended the main exam where the three modules are conducted except speaking as the speaking module will be conducted separately and not combined with the other three modules for both academic and general candidates as well. Therefore the candidates must make use of the results within the two years time period else the result validity will be expired and score card will be of no use to the candidate who attended the test.

This is the reason why candidates at the Prestige institute are frequently advised to sit for IELTS exam in the their pre-final year for those who wanted to pursue higher studied in English speaking countries and all other countries where IELTS are mandatory.. It is due to the fact that the students will be busy in their final year with their projects and other documentation works needed for the university application process. And if they have received their score card in the pre-final year, they can apply for the universities well in advance and also can re take the exam if they did not meet the necessary IELTS score.




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